62 Year Old Man’s Knee No Longer A Reliable Rain Forecaster

Let’s just jump in … Cinturgin Synergy has completely changed my life… and I’m not saying this because I was paid or persuaded by some suave marketing guy.

Without exaggeration… I feel like I’m a young buck of 40 again.

Just 2 years ago I was the poster-boy for arthritis and joint pain. I’d wake up every morning moaning and groaning… asking my wife give me a quick massage (never happened by the way)…

I was Pennsylvania’s #1 weatherman… I ALWAYS knew when it was going to rain. Even when the forecaster insisted it was going to be a “perfect day.”

But I think the worst part was accepting that I wasn’t the strong and active guy I used to be…

I used to go for a 5K jog every morning… clean out the garage… take my Harley out for a spin… and I still had some kick left in me to “make the wife happy” at the end of the day.

Life was good… and now it’s good again.

Cinturgin is very different than a lot of other supplements I tried for joint pain… and I think their combination must have some “magic” to it…

Cinturgin is really 3 supplements in 1 … and honestly 1/3 the price if you were to buy all 3 as separate products.

I tried and definitely had a positive experience with their Vibrant Living Turmeric … But there must be something extra with the other 2 ingredients of cinnamon and ginger added in that made my pain and stiffness COMPLETELY disappear …

Also, they have included black pepper in their Cinturgin product like their Turmeric supplement.  I think that makes a big difference in the ingredients being absorbed in your body.

From my reading it told me that It helps release the compounds your body needs to relieve pain and inflammation…

Black pepper also activates the receptors in your brain that tells your body what to absorb… which let’s you absorb the 3 ingredients.What else is interesting is it contains A LOT of all 3 ingredients.  In some Turmeric and Ginger products you look how much ginger is actually in it and you find out it’s nearly nothing.  Basically, not nearly enough to have an effect on pain and inflammation.

So what did Cintugin do for me overall?… a comfortable life, more days at the golf course, and a happy wife.

There’s a lot of products out there that won’t help you.. it’s money down the drain. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. This is the only “recipe” that has worked for me.

Now… you can always buy all 3 ingredient separate, or buy them all raw at a supermarket and grind them yourself. But your wrist will probably spontaneously combust if you try this…

So I’ve done some research and found a company that sells the concentrated forms of these 3 GREAT ingredients and with black pepper in a pill format.

All of their reviews are positive… here’s an example of a few…

“2 months ago I was paying $80 /month for arthritis meds and type II diabetes meds.  Now I don’t need to need take either.  Amazing!” — Bob R.

“How is this Cinturgin legal? Seriously! I’ve tried prescription medications and they do nothing compared to this supplement.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets forced off the market or something crazy. Maybe that’s why I bought 6 bottles the second time I ordered. Please keep this around for people like me.” — Theresa F.

This is the supplement that I personally use. It honestly gave me my life back… Once again, I’m the happy and active guy I’ve always seen myself as. And my knee is no longer a reliable weather forecaster!

You need to try it for yourself… it’s worked miracles for me. Hopefully it will do the same for you.

Here’s where I personally get it from (Amazon) or you can get it from their online store here.

Kind Regards,

Jacob Pratt

Father, Husband and Avid Golfer.

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