Turmeric Reduces the Impact of Eating Carbs!

foods-rich-in-carbsTurmeric can reduce the Impact of Eating Carbs?!

We just found out some crazy stuff about turmeric. Particularly how it affects us (in a good way) when it comes to carbs!

We are always promoting the use of turmeric.

There’s no doubt that it’s one of the most powerful, if not THE most powerful anti-inflammatory out there. But we also found a new kind of way to take turmeric!

We recently ran across a Company that has discovered a new way to make turmeric more absorbable in a liquid (actually liposomal) form that actually tastes good…

We were absolutely amazed when we learned about this liquid turmeric

>>> (You can read more about it here) and how it works.


One of the things that we found most fascinating was the effect of turmeric on blood sugar and carbohydrate metabolism! In other words, you can use turmeric (honestly, this new one is probably the best) to help control your blood sugar.

This is awesome if you go a bit overboard on carbohydrates (or if you’re diabetic and just want to keep your blood sugar in check).

The research literature that we found showed that turmeric can have a positive affect on our carbohydrate metabolism through many different mechanisms, such as:

  • Reduction in liver glucose production
  • Reduction in liver glycogen production
  • Stimulation of increased glucose uptake
  • Suppressing high blood sugar induced inflammatory states
  • Stimulating insulin secretion from pancreatic tissues
  • Improvement in pancreatic cell function
  • With the possibility of deadly side effects from drugs, we need natural, safe, affordable and easily accessible alternatives like turmeric now more than ever.

And because you can’t ALWAYS eat the right foods at the right time, this particular liposomal turmeric is pretty amazing stuff.

In fact, we also found out that using turmeric in a liposomal form like this also helps water enter the cells at a faster rate, which can keep you more hydrated and ultimately help you from bloating.

The biggest issue with turmeric is absorbing it... Turmeric is not the easiest to assimilate.

And PuraTHRIVE has figured out a way to get the turmeric INTO your cells.

You can learn more about it here…


Just when we thought we couldn’t like turmeric anymore!!

Anyway, take a look at it for yourself, it’s called PURATHRIVE, it’s pretty cool stuff!


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